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Ultima Replenisher Product Review

Disclaimer: I received Ultima Replenisher hydration mix as part of the BibRave Pro Ambassador program. Learn more about becoming a Bibrave Rave Pro at

Summer training in California just got more fun! Ultima Replenisher has introduced new Mocktini-inspired flavored hydration mixes-Peach Bellini, Appletini, and Coconut Pina Colada! Feel-great summer vibes are flowing with the rainbow of flavors in this newly launched variety pack.

The Appletini, chosen after putting in hard work and reaching peak speeds, was quite a surprise pop of flavor. It's bold and refreshing yet provides six essential electrolytes which help me stay focused, quick, and agile! The crisp, snappy flavor is a special treat that you can conveniently take anywhere.

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Peach, please! Long endurance runs can be so dehydrating especially in the arid summers in California. I certainly look forward to that post-run Peach Bellini Mocktini to satisfy my thirst. So sweet and delicious but plant based, gluten free, and healthy! Just a quick shake and the hydration stick packs are ready to restore my lost electrolytes. Each packet contains:

  • Magnesium-helps prevent cramps

  • Potassium-cardiac muscle support

  • Phosphorus-oxygen delivery to muscles

  • Calcium-muscle contractions and nerve functions

  • Sodium-works with potassium to help muscle contraction

  • Chloride-osmotic pressure support

Aloha, Colada! Anyone else ready for a vacation to the tropics? I'm all about putting in the hard training, but you can't race to the finish without recovery days. Recovery is even better when cooling off with a Coconut Pina Colada in hand! I can almost hear the steel drum band playing in the distance, the waves crashing on the sand, and the warm tropical breezes blowing through the palms! Chilling out before my next long run is like being on "island time" with this non-alcoholic hydration mix.

Rest assured! These Mocktini hydration sticks contain:

  • zero alcohol

  • zero sugar

  • zero carbs

  • zero calories

What You Get:

New Summer Flavors: Ultima Mocktini Variety Stickpacks

  • 18 sticks per pouch

  • 3 fun flavors per pouch (Appletini, Peach Bellini, and Coconut Pina Colada)

Healthy Hydration

  • Keto

  • Plant based colors and flavors

  • Clean, no artificial sweeteners

  • Paleo

  • Vegan

When to Use:

  • Sports

  • Hangover

  • Sick

  • Travel

  • Pregnant and Nursing

  • Great for All Ages

Try the limited edition Mocktinis from @goultima for yourself! #ultimabr #ultimasummersippin #bibchat

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